1. A Glossary of Checkers Terminology - Understanding and appreciating checkers begins with learning the terminology of this enduring game that has been played for thousands of years.
  2. Brazilian Checkers Variant - Brazilian checkers is a variant played whose basic rules are similar to International Checkers except that it is played on a smaller checker board.
  3. Canadian Checkers Variant - The Canadian Checkers variant has the same basic rules as the International Chess variant except that it is played on a 12 x 12 board of 144 squares.
  4. Frisian Checkers Variant - The Frisian Checkers variant is similar to International Checkers except that captures are made in a vertical, horizontal and diagonal direction.
  5. Italian Checkers Variant - The Italian Checkers variant game board is a mirror image of the American Checkers or British Draughts variants and its men cannot capture kings.
  6. Know the Rules to Play Checkers By - Checkers is played on a 64-square board by two players who take turns moving one of their 12 pieces one square forward to advance or capture pieces.
  7. Pool Checkers Variant - The Pool Checkers variant rules are similar to the Brazilian and Russian Checkers except that it has no obligatory maximum quantity capture rule.
  8. Russian Checkers Variant - In Russian Checkers variant, a piece that reaches king row in the course of a capture sequence becomes a king and continues to capture backward.
  9. Spanish Checkers Variant - The Spanish Checkers variant has the same rules as the Brazilian Checkers variant except that its board is a mirror image of the Brazilian variant.
  10. The American Checkers-British Draughts Variants - Both the American Checkers and British Draughts variants are one and the same board game upon which the world's first computer program was based.
  11. The International Checkers Variant - The International Checkers variant plays like the American Checkers or British Draughts except that it uses a 10 x 10 board and 20 pieces per player.
  12. The Mystique of Chinese Checkers - Neither Oriental in origin nor a checkers game, the popular Chinese checkers is a simple, fun and easy board game for people of all ages.
  13. Turkish Checkers Variant - The Turkish Checkers variant is unique because all 64 squares on its 8 x 8 board are used and kings move horizontally and vertically like chess rooks.
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