Frisian Checkers Variant

The 100-square checker variation is popular in other parts of the world, but the Frisian Checkers 10 x 10 variant is only played in Holland and continues to be a popular game there. This variant is similar to the International Checkers variant except that its men and kings can move and capture on horizontal and vertical lines as well as in diagonal lines.

Rules of the Game: The Frisian Checkers variant is played on a 10 x 10 with a 100 square game board and the double corner is on the right side of each player.

Moves of the Men: The regular checkers pieces known as men can move forward one empty square at a time either to the left or right, When the pieces reach the last line, called "king row" and stop on it, they are crowned to make them kings by placing a like-colored piece on top of the king.

Moves of the Kings: The crowned pieces or kings can move on all the empty squares lying along the two diagonal lines that cross their position provided that there is no piece blocking their path to the arrival square.

Captures: The maximum quantity capture rule applies in the case of the Frisian Checkers variation. Given for instance, the choice between capturing two pieces and three pieces, the player must choose the three pieces capture. Captures under this checkers variant may be made by moving on a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

Capture by the Men: Men can capture in a backward or forward direction along a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line by jumping over an adjacent piece which has an empty square immediately behind, in front or beside the captured piece. If the capturing piece can jump again from the square on which it landed, it must continue capturing opposing pieces.

Capture by a King: Kings can capture at any distance a piece that lies along the same horizontal, vertical or diagonal line that crosses its position as long as there are unoccupied spaces between the king and captive pieces. Kings can stop on any square along the same path. If there is still an opportunity for a new capture from one of these squares, the king must continue the capture.

The Winning Player: The player who is unable to make a move because he has lost al his pieces or all of his pieces have been blocked losses the game and his opponent wins the game.

Conditions for a Draw: If both players have one king each and neither can win, a drawn game is declared. When two kings are playing against a single king and the player with the two kings is unable to win in 7 moves, a draw is also declared.